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About Dawn's Place

Since 2009, Dawn’s Place has been a pioneer in offering a safe and caring residential setting for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) or sex trafficking. Our vision is to provide a new beginning for survivors through our residential program which can accommodate eight women in private bedrooms. Dawn’s Place offers an opportunity for women to pursue healing and a purpose in life. The comprehensive, individualized program at Dawn’s Place addresses the trauma endured by women who have been exploited for sex.  We also attend to the myriad other issues related to CSE that impact women’s lives: substance abuse and mental health disorders, legal and educational concerns, future occupation, housing, and family relationships.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Dawn’s Place is to proactively support women affected by CSE and its abuse by providing direct services to women, raising awareness through education and generating prevention, public policy reform and community collaboration.



Dawn’s Place provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to up to eight women affected by CSE. We offer a six month long residential program. Each resident works with a social worker to build her sense of freedom and empowerment, by developing a plan for recovery and moving through the program in phases designed to methodically and simultaneously increase her agency for herself, her future, and her role in the community. 

Our holistic program includes trauma-informed therapy (both individual and group), peer mentor support, art and music therapy, mindfulness instruction, access to health care, education, legal assistance, life skills coaching, career training, nutrition support, access to a fitness area, and ultimately finding housing. We connect residents dealing with addiction or mental health issues with off-site intensive outpatient programs. As women progress through the program, the skills they acquire become self-sustaining, allowing them to become drug-free, sober, employed and able to live independently.

Survivor input is crucial to the ongoing development of our program as well as its management. Two Dawn’s Place graduates are employed as Resident Coordinator and Assistant Resident Coordinator. Even though research supporting the treatment of CSE survivors is a relatively new area, we incorporate the most current recommendations for best practices.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.



Dawn’s Place was the first residential treatment program for victims/survivors of CSE in the tristate region, serving American and foreign national women. Since it’s opening in 2009, Dawn’s Place has admitted more than 110 women. Dawn’s Place receives referrals for residents from Homeland Security, FBI, the courts, prisons, and other social service agencies. While always working to improve the effectiveness of its program, the establishment of Dawn’s Place served as a national model for similar organizations. Dawn’s Place is the only organization in Philadelphia that offers a six to twelve-month residential program in an environment of safety and trust whose sole focus is to treat adult women affected by CSE.

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