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Dawn’s Place Statement on Racial Justice

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At Dawn's Place, we recognize that Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) arises from inequality. As a result, there are both gender and racial disparities in the commercial sex trade. Because of their subjection to combined forces of gendered and racialized oppression, women of color are overrepresented as victims of CSE, both across the United States and across the globe. We have always been committed to fighting for justice for women of color, both foreign trafficked and domestically pimped and prostituted women. As a result of this focus, our program has been specifically designed to support women who are subjected to uniquely high levels of marginalization and abuse. In our programming, we aim to provide a racially inclusive environment for women of color from the moment they enter our doors, committing ourselves to continuous active listening, learning, and action toward racial justice. At the leadership level, we aim to inform our practices by incorporating diverse voices in those who serve on our staff and Board of Directors. Externally, Dawn's Place opposes the interlocking systems of injustice that drive gendered, racialized violence and we are committed to standing with women of color to advocate for equity and healing. In all, Dawn's Place takes a multi-pronged approach to addressing racial inequity, with the goal of promoting a society that fully embraces and supports the thriving of women of color.

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