Our Staff

Sr. Kathleen Coll, SSJ

Executive Director

Our Executive Director is a Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia with a background in teaching in Philadelphia and Washington inner cities schools as well as working with teens in Philadelphia and Baltimore. She worked at Trinity Health, Newtown Square, PA as the Administrator of Shareholder Advocacy where she addressed companies on human trafficking, human rights, and other social and environmental issues. Before joining Trinity Health, she was the Social Justice Coordinator for the Sisters of St. Joseph where she directed the congregation's social justice efforts and shareholder advocacy program. She, along with four other women founded Dawn's Place, served on the Board and volunteered at Dawn's Place monthly. She is also a member of the board for US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking which provides educational materials and training on ways to counter human trafficking. Her formation includes a degree in education and a Master's degree in Religious Studies. Kathleen has had training in trauma and its affects on victims. 

Ann Marie Jones

Residential Coordinator

Former resident and graduate of Dawn’s Place brings a unique perspective from the wisdom she has gained through her journey of transformation from victim to healer. Anne Marie, who is now a peer recovery specialist, initiated and developed a Twelve Step sexual exploitation recovery group. Because of her life experience, Anne Marie has expertise that professional training cannot replicate. She is able to assist the residents to articulate their goals for recovery and healing, and support them in advocating for themselves to obtain effective services.

Brendale McAfee

Assistant Residential Coordinator

Brendale McAfee was a resident at Dawn's Place, who began working part-time to help the residents, and is now working full-time as Assistant Residential Coordinator. Her invaluable life experience helps her work with other women who have been commercially sexually exploited. She works with women who have mental health issues, as well as with women who have a history of substance abuse. Brendale offers her assistance to the Residential Coordinator in upholding the Mission of Dawn's Place and its policies. She is also responsible to ensure the execution of the clients' weekly schedules, keep track of house needs, and other tasks. She is very skilled at interacting with the residents in a supportive and positive fashion.

Joanna Fulginiti

Grant Writer

A graduate of Temple University, Joanna has over 10 years of experience as a fundraiser and advocate for survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. She previously worked for nonprofits that support the arts, senior communities, and at-risk youth. As a grant writer, she is passionate about sharing the inspiring stories of courage of the women living at Dawn’s Place. She is also an artist and has directed two community art advocacy projects to promote awareness of the injustice of sex trafficking – The Ragdoll Project, which travelled across the US and to China, and The Face of Dawn’s Place, which promoted the work of Dawn’s Place in the Philadelphia region. Outside of the office, Joanna’s pursues her interests in art and healing, and spends much time in nature, hiking, camping, and building community. She can be reached at dawnsplacejf@gmail.com.