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Our Program

Dawn’s Place is more than just a place to stay. We offer a holistic program to recover from the trauma of trafficking and CSE.


Dawn's Place provides trafficking survivors a place to heal, grow and reclaim their life.

Since  2009, Dawn’s Place has been at the forefront of providing direct services to women recovering from the trauma of sex trafficking and exploitation. Our year-long, residential program combines intensive therapy with a proven program providing adult survivors with the opportunity to learn how to become self-supporting and live independently.

We offer:
• a residential, therapeutic program that is securely monitored with staff on site 24-7.
• a personalized recovery plan that includes on-site therapy and access to off-site programs.
• a chance to learn life and social skills.
• access to a staff case manager as well as pro bono legal aid.
• transitional housing and aftercare services with support to gain permanent housing.


Welcoming Environment

Each resident has a private bedroom and access to shared living spaces.


Caring Staff

Residents have access to both on-site counselors and peer mentors, as well as offsite programs.


Secure Surroundings

Safe house is staffed 24-7 with on-site monitored security.

Life at Dawn's Place

Dawn’s Place is a welcoming home with large, shared living spaces and a beautiful, quiet, shaded garden. Our year-long, residential program includes five phases to help survivors on the road toward living independently. They are guided and supported at each step by our caring, trained staff, which includes two peer survivors.

Weekdays are structured and include:
• Group and individual therapy with our staff therapist.
• Out-patient programs with a provider that fits a client’s individualized care plan.
• Group meals and shared activities.
• Free time and opportunities for group outings.


Relaxing Outdoor

What Have Dawn's Place Women Learned?

"I learned to be an adult."

Recovery Phases

Dawn’s Place includes a structured program for recovery from the trauma caused by trafficking and exploitation. The five unique phases are geared toward teaching skills to foster independent living. When complete, survivors will be able to fully live on their own without fear they will need to return to “the life.” 


Phase One: Decompress
During the first 30 days, new residents get to know Dawn’s Place and begin their recovery journey. They work with case management staff to develop personalized recovery and safety plans, as well as getting connected with basic services like health care and financial accounts.

Phase Two: Dawn
During the Dawn Phase residents get a fresh start learning to identify and practice healthy life skills like budgeting and coping behaviors.

Phase Three: Discovery
During this phase, survivors begin to build their own network of support that will continue to aid them in once they graduate.

Phase Four: Developing
During this phase survivors continue developing their plan for living on their own by completing or finishing vocational training, completing their GED or getting a job.

Phase Five: Declaration
As survivors prepare to live on their own, they work to secure housing (assisted by case management and staff), and plan their transition into the wider community.

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