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Ways to Give

There are a number of ways to support Dawn’s Place with financial gifts that will make a substantial impact while providing you with tangible benefits.

IRA Charitable Rollovers

IRA Charitable Rollovers are a great way to make a financial gift to Dawn’s Place that can create a substantial impact, while also providing you with tangible benefits. 


If you have a traditional or Roth IRA and are required to take money out of your account, you can designate the distribution as a donation to Dawn’s Place. In many cases, these gifts are 100% tax-free, allowing you to donate without increasing your yearly taxable income and without impacting your day-to-day living expenses.  


IRA Charitable Rollovers benefit you because:  


  • They can be used to satisfy your required withdrawal from your IRA account. 

  • They may be excluded from your gross income which could mean you pay less in taxes for the year you take the distribution. 

  • They can be made even if you do not itemize deductions on your tax returns. 

  • They are a way to donate using money from savings, not directly from your monthly income. 

  • You qualify to make an IRA Charitable Rollover if: 

  • You are age 70½ or older at the time you take the distribution from your IRA. 

  • You transfer your gift directly from your IRA account to Dawn's Place and do not receive the money first. 

  • Your gift isn't used to fund a gift annuity. 

Employer Matching Gifts

Hundreds of corporations across America support their employees’ giving for social change by offering matching donations to increase the impact of their monetary gifts to non-profits like Dawn’s Place. 

To get a Matching Gift form from your employer, first check with your Human Resources or Benefit Department. if they require a form, fill out your portion and mail it with your donation to: 
Dawn's Place 
PO Box 48253 
Philadelphia, PA 19144 

If they don’t require a form just let them know you donated to Dawn’s Place and they take care of the rest. Some companies even allow donation contributions via payroll deduction, so we receive your donation and their matching gift in one lump sum. See this post for detailed instructions.

Workplace Giving

If offered by your employer, you can make pretax charitable contributions to Dawn's  Place automatically from your paycheck. Be sure to select the option to receive an acknowledgment so we may thank you personally.


United Way: Donor ID 48452

Philadelphia Employees Combined Campaign: Donor ID 30-0124

Dawn’s Place is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity as described in section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code EIN 26-0196507. A copy of our IRS Letter is available on demand. The information on this page is for illustration only. Please consult your tax accountant and/or financial advisor to understand the tax implications for your unique financial picture.

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