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Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that our yard at Dawns’ Place is blooming with a variety of colors of daffodils. It is fitting that we have these flowers here as they symbolize new beginnings. As the cold of winter comes to an end, the warmth of spring invites us to go outside and soak in the beauty of nature popping up; it reminds us of the possibilities for new life. Like the daffodils, our residents work hard every day to grow and renew their lives.

With our dedicated staff, they navigate systems and structures that seem overwhelming. Our staff therapist creates a space where the residents feel safe sharing their stories and can begin to work on the complex traumas they have experienced. It is truly humbling and inspiring to watch our residents move from the darkness of their past into the light of their future, just like the flowers. So, the next time you see a daffodil popping up in your backyard or neighborhood, think of the women at Dawn’s Place and remember the beauty that their lives bring to the world.

I know that when I look at our flowers, I will remember all of you because we could not provide a therapeutic space for our residents without your faithful and generous support.


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