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Our Values

We value the whole person of the women we serve: body, mind, soul and spirit.  We believe women need healing in all aspects. 

We value the individuality of women and recognize each woman’s story is different and path to healing will be unique. 

We value helping women become self-sufficient, achieving the dignity that comes from becoming self-supporting. We value teaching women skills they can use to earn a living. 

We value the power of simple love. If all we are able to offer a woman is love, we believe that is a measure of success. 

We value the dignity of women and believe that women suffer from being prostituted and should be treated as victims and survivors rather than as criminals.

We value justice and believe that CSE is a crime against women.  

We value working together in collaboration with other likeminded organizations and sectors of society that treat women as survivors rather than criminals. 

We value walking with the women during their stay at Dawn’s Place and their journey after they graduate. 

We value being a voice of education and advocacy against CSE to society at large.

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